About Us

Four generations

When Harry Allen Mapes started the company in 1936, he delivered heating oil. Customers in Springvale, Maine knew they could rely on Mapes to keep their homes warm.

His son Harry “Allen” Mapes, Jr. entered the business after graduating college in 1950. He expanded the company’s reach further into southern Maine. Allen spent his entire career in the family business and is now retired. He is very involved in the local community and has been an avid supporter of positive growth within the community.

In 1982, Allen’s son Jonathan formally joined the company and is the Presidient of H.A. Mapes Inc. Jonathan steadily built the fuel distribution division to the over 100 accounts today. Saunya Mapes Urban came on board in 2015. She is currently the General Manager for the company. Together they oversee operations from the same Springvale headquarters where Saunya’s great-grandfather H.A. Mapes started it all.

Relationships that endure

H.A. Mapes Inc. has evolved over the years, but one steadfast principle remains: build long-lasting customer relationships through tailored, attentive, and caring customer service.

As we continue to supply both branded and unbranded accounts throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, our team of drivers, salespeople, office staff, and managers are dedicated to knowing who our customers are and what’s important to them.

Many of our accounts are family owned and operated businesses. After four generations, we deeply understand the rewards and challenges of working together as a family. We’re involved in the community and many industry organizations to help us make the healthiest, strongest decisions we can–and to provide us with further insight into what our customers might need.